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Thank you for visiting the FACLC website and being part of this cause!

A warning to all visitors and members: this page contains content and images that may be disturbing to readers. What you see in this page will outrage you. The violence perpetrated against these beautiful animals as evidenced in these pictures/videos is enough to blacken a heart. I understand this pain and your rage as I see these crimes first-hand with my own eyes in my own hometown. I understand the hatred that such depravity can evoke, but I ask that you remember that more anger, hatred, and violence never beget a positive change. We are here to fight for good and to evolve an entire nation away from these inhumane acts. With this mindset, please turn your anger into a powerful and positive force for good and greater negativity!

Your participation and input are sorely needed and deeply appreciated. By taking part in discussions and comments on the website, however, you must agree to the policy outline below.

I reserve the right to delete posts containing the following:
  • Profane or offensive language
  • Off topic messages
  • Inappropriate, irrelevant propaganda or misinformation
  • Bullying and personal attacks
  • Promoting violence or illegal activities
  • Rallying for or supporting individuals or organizations which promote animal cruelty
  • Discrimination, hatred or attacks based on race, nationality, gender, religion and sexuality.
  • Spam or commercial sales
While I strongly encourage and support open discussion including disagreement, as the Chinese government has in most senses deprived its people of the “Freedom of Speech”, I will not tolerant harassment or taunting of the supporters of this cause!

I cannot thank you enough for your cooperation and support!

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  1. can anyone help me find the address for Ms xiaoyun yang (common homes dongli district Tianjin china) I would like to go visit her and make a donation to her however, I am unable to find the exact location. thanks