Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Have Moved! --> WGAPC.ORG

Two months ago on March 4th, I started the FACLC Facebook page. 

Two months later, today, over 3,200 loving and caring people from different parts of the world have united to work towards a shared goal.
In two short months, with our compassion, determination and action, we were able to make direct and substantial differences in the lives of both animals and activists in China who desperately needed the help. 

The kind of compassion, support and love I have witnessed, for a country that is likely on your “shit-list”, has been an incredible and powerful source of inspiration for me and all of the activists back in China. I sincerely want each and every one of you to understand that you are truly amazing for what you have done for this cause. 

I’m proud of all of you and what we have achieved in such a short period of time. I have launched a new website for our cause, and it’s called “World Grassroots Alliance for Paws in China” a.k.a. WGAPC ( This new alliance is us, we are grassroots individuals who have come together empowered by our determination and love to fight for a shared goal. Together, we can make our dream reality. 

Please visit our new website now and be sure to follow us on Facebook


– Lucy

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  1. Hi Lucy, here are some thoughts of mind about how to help our poor Chinese animals.
    I think it is better to make a petition and send it to the Whitehouse on the website of "We The People".

    And also send the same petition to the E.U.
    Also collecting signatures from Internet users around the world will be good.
    One must be able to collect at least 100,000 signatures (important!!!) to make the petition working.
    Barbaric events of human cruelty to animals in China, need to be reported to the White House and the international community. So if the White House talk about this incident to the Chinese government, then maybe the current tragic living conditions of our Chinese animals can change soon, and the Chinese government must make a law to protect animals.
    In the petition, we should ask the White House and the European Union, the international community to intervene about the serious event of human cruelty to animals. Now it seems that only this approach may have some effect, because the Chinese government care about the opinion from the U.S. and Europe.
    At the moment the Chinese government does not act in any way, the support and attention from the world media and the international community is our sharpest weapon. People all over the world who love and care about animals must join together to help those poor Chinese animals. As long as China take no action about this, we must never stop to tell them that they must change their attitude towards animals
    Save our poor Chinese animals, this is the responsibility of all caring people. Let us work together!
    Best regards,
    Nathalie Qin