FACLC Mission

Though we are from different parts of the world, we unite here to fight for the establishment of animal cruelty laws in China, thereby providing a lawful and regulatory pathway to address cruelty to animals in China.

About FACLC 

I started FACLC when massive dog rescue efforts started taking place throughout China in early March 2013. During this animal rights movement, about 3000 dogs and cats were saved from being slaughtered for meat.  These dogs, however, are sadly only a small number of the animals that are regularly stolen, trapped, and tortured due to the soulless meat trade in China.

As China has shown in recent decades, a country can achieve magnificent growth in its economy in only a few years.  The often brutal mindset of third world poverty, however, does not disappear so easily.  When famine, war, and natural disasters ravage a country it is all but impossible to ask its citizens to consider the needs and rights of what it considers to be a scarce, irregular food source.  The savage realities of pre-1990's existence, however, are distant memories for the vast majority of today's Chinese citizens.  As the largest population center and second largest economy in the world, China must now develop a legal and moral code befitting a nation of its stature.   Now is the time in this nation's history when it must rise up and develop laws to protect innocents from ignorant and barbaric practices and to educate its people to live in a just, modern world.  The China of yesterday looked at animals as a simple resource to be utilized.  To continue its evolution as a nation, the China of today must realize the simple, profound truth that is known throughout the developed world:  all life is valuable and deserves respect.  Until China establishes laws that prohibit and prevent animal cruelty, it will never become a truly developed nation; for a nation's morality and humanity are infinitely more valuable than its GDP!

This fight, however, is not only against the Chinese government.  It is just as much about changing the populous mindset that dogs and cats are reasonable sources of meat.  Thankfully, there are many people in China who value the lives of all animals, including dogs and cats, and they are not afraid of fighting for what’s right in their country!  Due to the lack of any animal cruelty laws in China, Chinese animal rights activists are faced with fighting an incredible battle in an environment where literally everything is against them.  Without the foundation and protection of the appropriate laws, these activists are silenced, beaten, and even labeled as criminals and jailed by corrupt, local and national authorities funded by money-thirsty animal traders. 

China, as it is my home, is very dear to my heart. The people of my country and their actions, however, often break my heart. China, as one of the oldest civilizations in the world, desperately needs to realize and understand that the country and its people have inhered many so called “traditions” that are remnants of a past that is best left behind. The Chinese government needs to understand that a nation does not gain respect and recognition solely by its economic or military strength. Chinese people need to realize and understand that the nation’s morality and humanity have been twisted and made bankrupt by greed and the worship of the power of money.  I am wounded deeply to see this happening in my beloved country, but I am also moved to action!  The nation of China is in crisis, perhaps the largest in its history.  China has beaten poverty and famine, and now it must defeat immorality.  I love my country, and I stand passionately behind her potential to become a powerful force for good in the world.  Today, however, China is a shameful shadow of what it could be.  I hate what takes place in her name, and I woefully admit that her reputation as a nation of treachery is shamefully deserved.  I, my like-minded compatriots, and those throughout the world who wish to help China grow in a positive, humane manner have chosen and will continue to fight until the rights of the voiceless and the defenseless are preserved. 

Due to the pervasive censorship propagated by the Chinese government and the vast language barrier, there is exists a fundamental disconnect between the people of China and the rest of the world.  This page will serve as our bridge, where we share love, support, ideas and strength for this cause!  This page will thus not only serve as a English language source of news concerning this fight in China, but will also share our spirit and support from here to those sacrificing everything to fight for good in China.   

The kind of support and help that this cause has generated throughout the world has been an incredible and powerful source of inspiration and change for the people of China.  I and my fellow Chinese citizens cannot be more grateful for what everyone has done for this cause! TOGETHER, we will win this!



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